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B2B Digital Solutions is pleased to provide your company with professional web design services as you explore new business opportunities found on the Internet. To ensure your new site meets your needs, and to help you understand key steps in the process, we’ve outlined them below.

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Step 1: Design Layout and Approval

After an initial discussion with you and a review of your web site, brochures, line cards, catalogs and images a layout of the site will be created. This layout is a computer-generated image that will serve as the basis for building the remainder of the site. It will give you a true to life look and feel of the site. The size of graphics, text, buttons and navigation for the entire site will be shown in this layout.

We will post this to a test site so you can see how it will actually look. Any changes to the size of graphics or to the navigation will need to be done during this step. Because different monitors and browsers show web pages differently, we suggest viewing the site from multiple computers. Additionally, we also suggest allowing key.

people in your organization the ability to review the site during this step. Because the design layout of your web site is such an important step in the process, we require a signature of approval for the layout design before we begin designing any additional pages.

Step 2: Developing and Coding the Site

After we receive the approval from you on the layout of the site we will begin developing and coding the pages for the Internet. At this stage, any redesign changes made by the client on items such as the color, buttons, navigation, images, etc. is timely and costly is billable on an hourly or per page basis.

Any text to be used on the site will need to be provided by the client, should be proofread and sent electronically in a Microsoft Word document, Quark or PDF file. Images provided by the client should be provided electronically as a GIF, JPG, PSD or EPS file. These files can be sent electronically either by saving to disk or sending via e-mail.

Step 3: Testing of the New Site, Upload to Internet and Final Approval

Once the site has been designed it will be uploaded to a temporary file on the Internet. We will provide you with this temporary address and ask that you review the site for any text changes. You will have 2 days (48 hours) to complete your review and provide changes before the site goes live. Components of the layout such as navigation, graphics and size of images or text on the site should not be changed at this time. Exceptions can be made; however, this will cause delays in the final upload and may result in additional charges from B2B Digital Solutions.

We look forward to working with you!

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