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B2B Digital Solutions Portfolio – Lancaster Products and Bradley Pulverizer

Overview: B2B Digital Solutions proudly showcases its transformative collaboration with process industry leaders, Lancaster Products and Bradley Pulverizer, through the seamless integration of innovative web development and comprehensive digital marketing services. As the architect of their digital presence, B2B Digital Solutions continues to propel both companies forward with a suite of ongoing, tailored solutions.

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Digital Services Provided:

  1. Regular Strategy Meetings with B2B Digital Solutions: Emphasizing a client-centric approach, B2B Digital Solutions engages in regular strategy meetings with key sales and marketing stakeholders at both Bradley Pulverizer and Lancaster Products. These sessions serve as a strategic compass, ensuring alignment with business goals and swift adaptations to the ever-evolving digital landscape.
  2. Monthly Original Content Deliverables: B2B Digital Solutions collaborates with clients to produce monthly original content deliverables. Drawing insights from client interviews and materials, B2B Digital Solutions crafts diverse content types, including blog posts, web pages, infographics, articles, and figures. These assets are strategically published on the websites to enhance engagement and industry authority.
  3. Monthly E-Newsletter Management: B2B Digital Solutions takes charge of end-to-end monthly e-newsletter management, covering contact list administration, newsletter creation, testing, and distribution. This ensures consistent and targeted communication with the audience, fostering brand loyalty and engagement.
  4. Automated Lead Nurturing: Leveraging automated lead nurturing, B2B Digital Solutions employs content and website triggers to reach targeted contacts. This dynamic approach ensures timely and personalized interactions, nurturing leads through strategic touchpoints in the customer journey.
  5. Social Media Management: B2B Digital Solutions amplifies the online presence of Lancaster Products and Bradley Pulverizer through active management of social media platforms. Regular, original content is strategically posted on Facebook, Twitter (X), and LinkedIn, enhancing brand visibility and audience engagement.
  6. Managed Website Hosting: Lancaster Products and Bradley Pulverizer benefit from B2B Digital Solutions’s high-speed, high-security managed website hosting. This foundation ensures a seamless online experience for visitors while prioritizing the security of sensitive information.
  7. Ongoing Priority Website Edits: B2B Digital Solutions offers on-demand, priority website edits, allowing for swift updates and optimizations. This agile approach ensures the websites remain dynamic, reflecting the latest offerings and industry trends.
  8. Monthly Website Health and Intelligence Reports: B2B Digital Solutions delivers comprehensive monthly reports, covering search engine keyword tracking, competitor intelligence, and activity summaries. These reports inform strategic decisions, offering a holistic view of website performance.
  9. Analysis and Suggestions for Improvements: Regular analyses of website performance are conducted by B2B Digital Solutions, leading to actionable suggestions for continuous improvement. This data-driven approach ensures the websites stay ahead of the curve in terms of functionality and user experience.
  10. Real-Time Web-Based Reporting (Google Looker Studio): Real-time web-based reporting, powered by Google Looker Studio and fed by GA4/Google Ads data, provides Lancaster Products and Bradley Pulverizer with actionable insights. This includes detailed conversion tracking for informed decision-making.
  11. Website Monitoring Service: B2B Digital Solutions’s Website Monitoring Service proactively identifies and addresses potential issues, ensuring the websites remain Google-friendly and maintain a robust online presence.

Conclusion: Lancaster Products and Bradley Pulverizer stand as testament to the symbiotic partnership with B2B Digital Solutions. Through cutting-edge web development and dynamic digital marketing strategies, this collaboration continues to elevate their online presence, fostering growth, and industry leadership.


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